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As a travel writer, I have covered stories all over the world, from Bali and Brazil to Texas and Turkey.

Prohibition brothels in Bible Belt America. Puffin-rescuers in the Farne Islands. A daytrip to the Brunei jungle. Drive-in cinema hopping in Texas, Underground cities in Italy. Offbeat,  high up or low down really excites me.

Whether it's cosmetic surgery in Eastern Europe, snow-shoeing in Vermont, finding the real Carmen Miranda in Brazil or losing my paralysing fear of heights ‘by any means necessary,' I adore a challenge.

Recently I've been specialising in UK quirk, writing for many magazines and national newspapers on everything from Well Dressing in Derbyshire to crabbing in Norfolk.

sandra at the drive in.jpg

Generally, I'm not much of an 'adventure' traveller. I will occasionally dip a toe into something active but on the whole I'd rather see things than do them.



I have done some gritty global reporting – interviewing survivors of the genocide in Rwanda for Marie Claire, for example, or finding what the life of a Geisha actually entails (Real magazine) but generally I'm far too much of a coward to visit anywhere really dangerous

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