I have enjoyed the great privilege of being London Columnist for American travel glossy British Heritage for over ten years. Each print edition carries a three-page, experiential column - things I've been doing in the capital over the past month I think readers will enjoy.


The column has recently expanded online, where I can discuss more 'timely' things without the problems of lead-time.


I'm always interested in hearing about exciting things - from shows, exhibitions, restaurants and heritage events to cool places to enjoy afternoon tea. If it's interesting, quirky or just really enjoyable, I want to know about it...


I am on the Q&A panel of experts for History Revealed magazine, discussing bizarre, little known and unbelievable-but-true aspects of world history.


As Lawrence Alexander I write the back page of Britain magazine, focusing on British Folklore.  


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Shortlist Journalist of the Year

I started writing twenty years ago whilst on tour as a singer with a band in France, using ‘down time’ on the band bus to write about what I saw.


My first-ever feature was for The Independent – a colour-supplement feature about the 1940s swing world surrounding me, but I soon diversified.


Today I write mainly garden, travel and heritage features – for publications such as The Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Standard, Marie Claire, City Magazine etc. I have a strong interest and experience with UK and especially London stories.


I have written several books, mainly, but not exclusively non-fiction, including the Grisly History series, the Atlas series and books on folklore, mythology and festivals of the world. My latest, Anthology of Amazing Women, featured in the 2018 Guardian's Top Children's Non-Fiction list.


I also work as a copywriter and consultant, working with clients ranging from corporates to charities, small businesses to large companies.