Copywriting, Editing and Consultancy

Case Study - The British Tinnitus Association


The client needed a set of new leaflets to explain the condition to young people of different age groups. I created age-appropriate copy for three booklets: Under 8s, 8-11, 11-plus.


All three were beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Kate Smith to keep the continuity.

The Response...


A year later, I received a wonderful email. BTA's co-ordinator had collated responses to the leaflets. She said:


Your text has been found to be spot on for the various age groups, no mean feat. Thanks again for your work on this project, it really has made a big impact. We’re already into a second print run!


Here are a few of the many comments she has received so far:


They are pitched well and children understand them

Children really enjoy looking at them – they are fun and interesting

My favourite resource for a long long time.”


Supports what I say/explain to parents and the child.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the children’s tinnitus leaflet. It's nice to have bright colourful leaflets in language children can easily understand without it being condescending.


The content and format of the BTA leaflets have been extremely well received by the children and parents who use our service.  We now routinely use the leaflets to support the delivery of the care plans we agreed with them.”

Ellie Jack and Leila have Tinnitus  low
Tinnitus leaflet low
Tinnitus teenage leaflet low


From websites to leaflets, album sleeve-notes to guest-blogs, much of my work includes copy writing and sub-editing.  


I have worked for BBC Bitesize, BBC Schools and BBC Blast. I have also written educational material for Learning and Teaching Scotland.


I have written promotional material for bands both in the UK and abroad, theatre companies and arts organisations.


I can either research and write from scratch, or take someone else's words, images or other material and work with them to create something unique and exciting.


I also act as a consultant for organisations, charities, companies and individuals, often heritage-related, advising and working with clients on the best way to promote their work.