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Noiresque: The Lonely Fate of the Femme Fatale



“When she was bad she was hot; when she was good, she was baking”


She was a siren of the shadows. A Woman of the World in a dark city of violence and terror, the Film Noir Femme Fatale did what she had to do – scratching a dime in the Land of Missed Opportunity. Now more seductive than ever, everybody loves the Femme Fatale. Men want to have her; women want to be her.


A comedy two-hander musical, based on the album of the same name, Noiresque: The Lonely Fate of the Femme Fatale deconstructs the themes, concepts and cliches of the Films Noirs of the 1940s and 50s. Directed by legendary chanteuse Barb Jungr, and co-starring much-missed Julian Clary regular Russell Churney, the show debuted at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington, and transferred to the Soho Theatre, where it sold out.




Is that all there is?


A stage musical based on the life of singer Peggy Lee, FEVER  takes the form of  a 1965 TV Special. The format explores Lee's public persona juxtaposed with her private griefs, and includes many of her most famous songs.


Originally written for big band, a fabulous 'Peggy' and a versatile comic actor, the show could easily be adapted to include a small combo rather than full big band.

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