I have lived in London all my life - born in the East, moving North and finally ending up South of the river. I love the city with a passion and will happily bore the backside off anyone foolish enough to ask.


I have been the London columnist for the American magazine British Heritage for many years, expounding on what I've been up to in the last month - everything from restaurants, shows and exhibitions I've visited to funny little places I've discovered, odd museums, strange clubs, weird happenings - anything and everything that makes up this incredible city.



I've written for many London newspapers, from The Soho Clarion to the Evening Standard, The Ilford Recorder to the Southwark Review, magazines such as City and Locate and  online first-port-of-London-call Londonist, for whom I write the 'Secrets of...' series celebrating places you can't usually get into.


I particularly love the contrast between the classy, urbane image that London likes to put forward about itself and the dark, seedy underbelly often just yards away.


This picture (right) is of Somerset House and somehow shows both those states in one photo.


I like the weird, quirky stuff best, but I'm always up for trying a new eaterie, checking out that odd-looking exhibition, testing a new walk, sneaking round the back of things and going underground for any reason at all, haunted crypts, secret basements, creepy tunnels, post-mortem photography - send 'em my way, baby.


I'm a sucker for anything folklore-related, the less believable the better.


Visit my London Blog, Londonalia, for examples of my work.

somerst house low
cab with a tree