Much of my work is about and around heritage issues, often with a travel slant.


From illustrator Pauline Baynes's Narnia in Country Life and historic jazz venues in Homes & Gardens, to a feature about Henry VIII’s armour for the Times Educational Supplement, I am particularly interested in the quirky aspect of heritage travel.


I am on the monthly Q&A panel for History Revealed, discussing all manner of obscure historical trivia. I also occasionally contribute features to the magazine.


My column in the American magazine British Heritage covers all aspects of London, but I also write features about other parts of the country for the rest of the magazine.


As Lawrence Alexander, I also write the back page of Britain magazine, exploring a different character from folklore each month.





For many years I had a monthly column in Period House magazine about practical problems that can be encountered in a period property, interviewing experts in the field of conservation and restoration of old homes and their contents.


I'm always up for testing out new things, especially if I get to dress up for them - such as the Regency Ball, the annual Tweed Run and  the Salon Project.


The most extreme (and therefore enjoyable) example of this was a recreation of Pride & Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennet's tour of the Peak District, taking in all the sights she would have seen - in full Regency costume (see above...)


I love to put my personal knowledge of the vintage scene to practical use, writing for style and fashion publications such as The Chap and Vintage Life as well as more mainstream features for the Daily Telegraph or articles on  collecting - like this piece on Bakelite for My Wiltshire or this one on antique hunting in Texas for the Financial Times. 


I also review vintage festivals, bands and events, from the brand new Atomic Festival through the Tweed Run to the Glastonbury of Vintage, Twinwood.

watching and waiting inside the castle PHOTO Sandr


I have two blogs - Stones and Stories , celebrating all things Heritage, and The Rear View Mirror, my vintage take on life.

Another personal interest that has spilled into my work is my lifelong passion for the film noir movies of the 1940s and 50s. After studying the genre to degree level, I began writing about various aspects of it, and have discussed it in publications as diverse as The Times, Telegraph, The Chap, Vintage Life and Spiked.


In a previous life as a singer I created an album of music around the genre's most fascinating stereotype, Noiresque: The Lonely Fate of the Femme Fatale. I later wrote and performed a show of the same name and curated an online project deveoted to the subject.

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