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I particularly loved writing a feature for the Times on the incredible floating allotments (les Hortillonages)  at Amiens  in France and the delightful (but with arcane opening hours) garden at St Johns Jerusalem tucked away just inside the M25 for British Heritage.


I am a sucker for 'lost' gardens - such as the mysterious, romantic Warley Place in Essex, once one of the finest gardens in Edwardian England, now a haven for strange ruins, wildlife and beautiful native plants. My book, Miss Willmott's Ghosts, is about Warley's creator, Edwardian plantswoman Ellen Ann Willmott.

I have written two books for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew/Welbeck, The Witch's Garden and The Magic of Mushrooms


I am a full member of the Garden Media Guild.

Read my blog, The Event Gardener here



I have written about gardens and gardening for publications such as the Telegraph, Homes & Gardens, Times Weekend (All hail the god of Beetroot!) The English Garden, Garden News, Hortus, Modern Gardens, Kitchen Garden and British Heritage .


I enjoy writing about the nitty gritty of growing particular plants, especially obscure and lost vegetables but equally like writing on garden features, like this one on fountains for My Wiltshire.





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Shortlist Journalist of the Year
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