Food and Wine


I have written many features about food for The Times, including several reports  about coffee for various publications including BBC Good Food and Radio 4’s The Food Programme, travelling extensively in Brazil and Rwanda. I also write for the Telegraph's Weekend section, often but not exclusively indulging my sweet tooth with features such as the long-lost chocolate kitchen at Hampton Court or the delightful little Maids of Honour tarts made just down the road at Kew.

I have written wine, champagne and spirits features for publications such as City Magazine, British Heritage and UK Vine.


I review LONDON restaurants for the American magazine British Heritage, Eat, Travel, Live and Londonist. I am particularly interested in finding the perfect afternoon tea in the Capital.


Visit my site Madame Piquante  for examples of my food writing.

Mufti low
Up the Brunei River without a paddle

Over the past ten years or so, I have covered stories all over the world, from Bali and Brazil to Texas and Turkey.


I prefer the quirky side of things. Drive-in movies  in Texas. Abandoned Prohibition brothels in Bible Belt America. Puffin-rescuers in the Farne Islands. A daytrip to the Brunei jungle. Underground cities in Italy. Offbeat,  high up or low down really excites me.


Whether it's cosmetic surgery in Eastern Europe, snow-shoeing in Vermont, finding the real Carmen Miranda in Brazil or losing my paralysing fear of heights ‘by any means necessary,' I adore a challenge.



Recently, while continuing to travel abroad, I've been specialising in UK quirk, writing for many magazines and national newspapers on everything from Well Dressing in Derbyshire to crabbing in Norfolk.


Generally, I'm not much of an 'adventure' traveller. I will occasionally dip a toe into something active but on the whole I'd rather see things than do them.


I have done some gritty global reporting – interviewing survivors of the genocide in Rwanda for Marie Claire, for example, or finding what the life of a Geisha actually entails (Real magazine) but generally I'm far too much of a coward to visit anywhere really dangerous


Check out my Travel blog, Madame Passepartout, for examples of my work.